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Greg’s work re­veals a love of func­tion and mys­tery com­bined in the graphic ele­ments of ar­chi­tec­ture and land­scape. He is in­spired by re­pe­ti­tions of form in space. An un­flinch­ing mod­ern­ism and cool de­tach­ment in­flects all his im­ages, in the bright whites of su­per-watt bulbs and in light-filled land­scapes. Greg’s of­ten heroic por­traits show sit­ters in con­text and in mo­ments of re­flec­tion. He thrives on prob­lem solv­ing and de­vel­op­ing cre­at­ive ideas. His un­as­sum­ing ap­proach is based around sim­pli­city, shape and struc­ture.

Greg re­cently pho­to­graphed the tight-knit gen­er­a­tions of Thames wa­ter­men, cap­tur­ing an ar­chaic and little-known way of life be­fore it passes into his­tory, work­ing along­side the dir­ector of a forth­com­ing doc­u­ment­ary and ex­hib­i­tion. Other power­ful por­traits in­clude Nik­e’s up-and-com­ing foot­ballers Ney­mar, Piqué and Sneijder; and an ele­giac series show­ing the changes in a Welsh vil­lage brought about by the clos­ure of the local slate mine.

His first mono­graph, Sval­bard, was pub­lished in 2010 and most re­cently Chernobyl was pub­lished in 2013 in which his im­ages of the dev­ast­ated area com­bine with por­traits and land­scapes of the New Safe Con­fine­ment: a huge en­gin­eer­ing pro­ject to make safe the Chernobyl Nuc­lear power plant.

Born in East York­shire in 1978, Greg stud­ied at Not­ting­ham Trent and Black­pool, gradu­at­ing in 2002. Greg now lives in Lon­don with his part­ner and two daugh­ters.

Not­able awards in­clude the pres­ti­gi­ous title of AOP Pho­to­grapher of the Year (2008) and ADC Young Gun in New York (2009).

Greg’s work has ap­peared in Avaunt, Es­quire, GQ, Wall­pa­per*, Wired, The Times, The Hour, Eureka, Next Level, Cre­at­ive Re­view, MARK, V-Man, LIV, Car, Four Sea­sons, Rocks, Dazed, Fer­rari Mag, Bey­ond by Lexus, Pop­u­lar Sci­ence, Pro­cess Journal, BJP, Mo­saic, Baku and View­point.

He has pho­to­graphed cars for Rolls Royce, As­ton Mar­tin, Toyota, Peugeot, Renault Alpine, BMW, Audi, Mer­cedes, Nis­san, Volk­swa­gen, Jag­uar Land Rover and Lexus among oth­ers. Cli­ent com­mis­sions in­clude SSE, Acura, Voda­fone, O2, Bar­bican, BP, Nike, BNP Pari­bas, Glen­mor­angie, New Era, Swarovski, Royal Mail, The Times, TFL and COI, Ubisoft, Vas­el­ine and Sony.



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