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Lim­ited to 500 cop­ies64 Pages full col­our

"In the Svål­bard ar­chipelago, over 600 miles north of Nor­way, the sun does­n't set between April and Au­gust. From Oc­to­ber un­til Feb­ru­ary, on the other hand, it does­n't ap­pear at all. As one of the closest land­masses to the North Pole, it may seem an in­hos­pit­able cli­mate for all but the most re­si­li­ent of miners or fish­er­men. Near the north­erly town of Longyearbyen on the is­land of Spits­ber­gen, however, the ag­ri­cul­tural equi­val­ent of Noah's Ark is nestled in the side of a snow covered moun­tain…" The book is clev­erly di­vided into two dis­tinct sec­tions: the first stud­ies the land­scape and in­hab­it­ants of this Arc­tic out­post, the second then ex­plores the im­press­ive Sval­bard Global Seed Vault and more. The bind­ing re­flects the rough nature of the en­vir­on­ment and in­side uses a con­sidered mix of semi-gloss and matt pa­per stocks, all bril­liantly de­signed by Tom Munckton.

Product Image of Svalbard #1
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