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Slavutych - A resident


Slavutych - A car


Slavutych - Town square


Slavutych - Notices on a wall


Slavutych - The general store


Slavutych - An ATM


Slavutych - The train that takes workers to Chernobyl


Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - Train station platform


Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - Chimney stack above reactor 4 (the sarcophagus)


Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - Don Kelly, Health & Safety Engineer


Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - Two full body radiation scanners


New Safe Confinement Construction - One of three Radiation monitoring station


New Safe Confinement Construction - One section of the giant arch


Laurin Dodd (left) - Head of PMU which is overseeing construction of the New Safe Confinement. Michael Smith (right) - The PMU radiation consultant


New Safe Confinement Construction


Mathieu Scherer (left) - The lead engineer on the New Safe Confinement. Viktor Andreev (right) - Deputy health & safety manager


New Safe Confinement Construction


Don Kelly (left) - The health and safety engineer in the PMU. Ron Lilley (right) - Manager of the PMUs health & safety team


New Safe Confinement Construction - Two workers wear protective clothing


New Safe Confinement Construction


New Safe Confinement Construction - A worker carries a portable radioactive monitor


New Safe Confinement Construction - Alexei Pavlenko is a welder on the New Safe Confinement


Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - A control panel inside the control room of Chernobyl's Reactor No.4


Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - Michael Malych, in the Radiation Safety Shop.


Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - A control panel inside the control room of Chernobyl's Reactor No.4


Chernobyl - A local man swims in the River Pripyat inside the 30km Exclusion Zone


Chernobyl - The only shop in Chernobyl, which was abandoned but is now inhabited by some construction workers for short periods


Chernobyl - Grass cutting in Chernobyl town


Prypiat - Abandoned building


Prypiat - Overgrown town square


Prypiat - Abandoned community sports hall


Prypiat - Paintings left behind in the rear of Pripyat's theatre


Chernobyl - Abandoned building


Prypiat - Abandoned nursery


Prypiat - Abandoned ferris wheel


Prypiat - Abandoned building


Prypiat - Overgrown street


Prypiat - Hospitality facilities under the terraces of Pripyat's stadium


Prypiat - Abandoned community swimming pool


Prypiat - Abandoned nursery




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Greg’s work reveals a love of function and mystery combined in the graphic elements of architecture and landscape. He is inspired by repetitions of form in space. An unflinching modernism and cool detachment inflects all his images, in the bright whites of super-watt bulbs and in light-filled landscapes. Greg’s often heroic portraits show sitters in context and in moments of reflection. He thrives on problem solving and developing creative ideas. His unassuming approach is based around simplicity, shape and structure.

Greg recently photographed the tight-knit generations of Thames watermen, capturing an archaic and little-known way of life before it passes into history, working alongside the director of a forthcoming documentary and exhibition. Other powerful portraits include Nike’s up-and-coming footballers Neymar, Piqué and Sneijder; and an elegiac series showing the changes in a Welsh village brought about by the closure of the local slate mine.

His first monograph, Svalbard, was published in 2010 and most recently Chernobyl was published in 2013 in which his images of the devastated area combine with portraits and landscapes of the New Safe Confinement: a huge engineering project to make safe the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant.

Born in East Yorkshire in 1978, Greg studied at Nottingham Trent and Blackpool, graduating in 2002. Greg now lives in London with his partner and baby daughter.

Notable awards include the prestigious title of AOP Photographer of the Year (2008) and ADC Young Gun in New York (2009).

Greg’s work has appeared in GQ, Wallpaper*, Wired, The Times, Eureka, Next Level, Creative Review, MARK, V-Man, LIV, Car, Four Seasons, Rocks, Dazed, Ferrari Mag, Lexus Mag, Popular Science, Process Journal, BJP, Mosaic, Baku and Viewpoint.

He has photographed cars for Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Toyota, Peugeot, BMW, Audi, Nissan, Volkswagen, Jaguar Land Rover and Lexus among others. Client commissions include Vodafone, O2, Barbican, BP, Nike, BNP Paribas, Glenmorangie, New Era, Swarovski, Royal Mail, The Times, TFL and COI, Ubisoft, Vaseline and Sony.


  • IPA 2013 1st Place Advertising Automotive
  • AOP Awards 2012
  • PDN Photo Annual, Editorial 2012
  • IPA 2011 3rd Place Advertising Automotive
  • AOP Awards 2010
  • IPA 2010 1st Place Advertising Automotive
  • Art Directors Club 'Young Gun' 2009
  • Communication Arts 2009
  • CR The Photo Annual 2009
  • Campaign 'Top 10 Advertising Photographer'
  • Campaign Photo Awards Winner Automotive 2009
  • AOP Awards 2008 inc 'Photographer of the Year'
  • PDN Photo Annual, Editorial 2008
  • IPA 2008 1st Place Editorial
  • IPA 2008 2nd Place Advertising Automotive
  • CR The Photo Annual 2007


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Chernobyl by Greg White


"In April 1986, reactor No.4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded. Helicopter pilots spent two weeks dumping thousands of tonnes of sand on the fire before it was finally extinguished. Soldiers then used wheelbarrows and shovels to collect radioactive rubble, which they tipped into the central heap. Finally construction crews arrived. During the six months proceeding the accident they built a steel and concrete containment structure over the reactor's remains. They nicknamed it the Sarcophagus. It was badly constructed. It has corroded. Now it could collapse."

This photography book studies two of the surrounding areas to the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant as well as the plant itself where a large scale engineering project is well under way. Foreword by Andrew Hankinson and designed by Tom Munckton the book is section sewn and has a unique fold out cover with an inner cover as well, reflecting the protective objectives of the New Safe Confinement documented in the book.

Limited to 300 copies

72 Pages full colour

Published 2013 Greg White Photography Ltd

ISBN 978-0-9575703-0-6

Svalbard by Greg White


"In the Svalbard archipelago, over 600 miles north of Norway, the sun doesn't set between April and August. From October until February, on the other hand, it doesn't appear at all. As one of the closest landmasses to the North Pole, it may seem an inhospitable climate for all but the most resilient of miners or fishermen. Near the northerly town of Longyearbyen on the island of Spitsbergen, however, the agricultural equivalent of Noah's Ark is nestled in the side of a snow covered mountain...."

The book is cleverly divided into two distinct sections: the first studies the landscape and inhabitants of this Arctic outpost, the second then explores the impressive Svalbard Global Seed Vault and more. The binding reflects the rough nature of the environment and inside uses a considered mix of semi-gloss and matt paper stocks, all brilliantly designed by Tom Munckton.

Limited to 500 copies

64 Pages full colour

Published 2010